Suffer the Little Children

Minisode 1: Interview with Hayley Kelly

November 12, 2020

A few weeks back, in episode 33, I covered the tragic story of 10-year-old Nakota Kelly, who was allegedly murdered in July of this year by his father, Anthony Dibiah. Nakota was failed by both DCS and the family court system. His mom, Hayley Kelly, tried for years to get the unsupervised visits with his father to stop, reporting abuse multiple times, but to no avail. Now, thanks to their failure to listen to Hayley’s well-documented concerns, her son is dead, and his body has yet to be found.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Hayley in October after I released my episode about Nakota, so on this, my first ever minisode, I’m sharing that conversation with you.

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