Suffer the Little Children

Episode 54: Maddilyn-Rose Stokes

March 17, 2021

On May 25, 2017, two-year-old Maddilyn-Rose Stokes was rushed to the hospital in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, unresponsive and suffering from infected third-degree burns that had been inflicted in the family’s bathtub five days prior. Her parents, Shane Stokes and Nicole Moore, had not sought medical care for their little girl’s worsening condition, calling emergency services only when she stopped breathing. Several hours later, Maddy was dead.

This is a story of bad decisions, selfishness, mental illness, and medical neglect. It’s also the story of a tiny, defenseless toddler who suffered unimaginable pain for five days with severe, untreated burns covering a fifth of her little body, which finally succumbed to the resultant infection running rampant through her bloodstream. 

This is the horrific story of Maddilyn-Rose Stokes.

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