Suffer the Little Children

Episode 49: Quortney Kley

February 10, 2021

On February 25, 1997, 23-year-old Cayce Williams entered the emergency room at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Elgin, Illinois, carrying the lifeless body of his girlfriend’s 20-month-old daughter, Quortney Kley. Medical staff immediately called police, who arrested Cayce the same evening. Cayce was charged with several felony counts of murder, as well as predatory criminal sexual assault. 

Nine long years later, Cayce Williams accepted a plea agreement and was sentenced to 48 years in Illinois state prison. Due to a change in Illinois law, however, he was only required to serve 24 of those years behind bars. Now, he is scheduled to be released from the Dixon Correctional Center two weeks from this episode’s release date.

In this episode, you’ll hear my conversation with Quortney’s mom, Gretta, in which we talk about her beloved, stubborn, sassy baby girl whose rapist and murderer is preparing to walk free from prison on February 25.

This is the mind-boggling story of Quortney Kley.

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