Suffer the Little Children

Episode 41: Caliyah McNabb (Part 2)

December 9, 2020

Last week, I told you about the disappearance of 14-day-old Caliyah McNabb. Caliyah’s mother, Cortney Bell, made a frantic 911 call on the morning of Saturday, October 7, 2017 to report that her newborn daughter was missing from the family’s mobile home in Covington, Georgia. Erratic behavior on the part of the baby’s father, Christopher McNabb, led investigators to consider him their primary person of interest. By the end of the day on October 7, both Cortney and Chris had been interviewed by Newton County Sheriff’s investigators, but without more evidence, no arrests could be made.

After Caliyah’s body was found the following day, her father’s eccentric behavior only intensified when he jumped out of a car and fled into the woods on foot, only to be captured hours later. Caliyah’s mother was arrested a few months afterward for contributing to the environment that led to her daughter’s death. 

This is the conclusion of the story of Caliyah McNabb, a little girl who never had a chance.

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