Suffer the Little Children

Episode 33: Nakota Kelly

October 13, 2020

Upon hearing from his mother that he was to spend the upcoming weekend in his father’s custody, ten-year-old Nakota Kelly told her, “My father is going to kill me.” Due to a very specific custody agreement, his mom had no choice but to take him on Friday to spend the weekend with his father, Anthony Dibiah. On Saturday evening, Anthony called a cousin in Texas, screaming, “I killed my son!” In Anthony’s Indianapolis apartment the next day, police discovered a crime scene straight out of a horror movie. Several hours later, Anthony, a convicted criminal who was in the United States illegally, was arrested by the Missouri State Highway Patrol. 

This is a story of a boy failed by DCS and the family court system, and a mother and teenage sister left devastated.

This is the horrific story of Nakota Kelly.

A GoFundMe campaign was set up to assist Nakota’s mom, Hayley, with burial expenses if and when his remains are found. You can donate to the campaign here: 

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