Suffer the Little Children

Episode 28: Lauren McConniel (Part 2)

September 1, 2020

Last week, I told you about the early life and brutal death of five-year-old Lauren Michele McConniel. When Lauren was admitted to Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis on March 3, 2010, she weighed a scant 28 pounds and had absolutely no fat reserves. She was covered in injuries, had a deadly level of salt in her blood, and had been displaying increasingly disturbing behavior while living in Indiana with her father, stepmother, and three adult members of her family, behavior that many believe was caused by sexual abuse at the hands of her step-grandfather. All the while, Amber’s mother, who lived in Tennessee, had been exhausting every method possible to find her, but by the time someone told her where her daughter was, it was too late. Lauren died in the hospital on March 9, 2010. Three months later, the first of five adults would be arrested in connection with Lauren’s death.

This is the conclusion of the story of Lauren McConniel.

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