Suffer the Little Children

Episode 26: James Biel

August 18, 2020

Illinois mother Kara Witkowski, who joins me on today’s episode, spent months trying to protect her two young children from harm while in the care of their father. Thomas Biel had confessed to raping and abusing Kara and was under investigation for possessing child pornography. His father, Jerry Biel, was being investigated for allegedly molesting Kara’s 3-year-old daughter. Despite months of warnings from Kara, meticulous documentation backing up her claims, and the repeated hospitalization of her toddler son for a prolapsed rectum so severe that even surgery didn’t correct it, a family court judge granted full custody to Thomas Biel. Soon afterward, Kara’s 2-year-old son, James, died under suspicious circumstances while in the care of his father’s family, but police announced after less than 24 hours, even before an autopsy was performed, that there had been no foul play. Even though an independent second autopsy proved that spinal trauma caused James’s death, there has still been no investigation.

This is a story of corruption and injustice in Kane County, Illinois. 

This is the infuriating story of James Biel. 

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