Suffer the Little Children

Episode 23: Remi Cowan

July 28, 2020

On June 6, 2019, every parent’s worst nightmare became reality for Ashley and Matt Cowan of Williamsport, Pennsylvania when they received a frantic phone call from their babysitter saying their infant daughter wasn’t breathing. The next day, 16-week-old Remi Joan Cowan was removed from life support. Despite the suspicious circumstances surrounding Remi’s death, the babysitter was only questioned once and never further investigated, leaving many area residents furious that justice was not served. 


Remi’s mother, Ashley Cowan, joins me on this episode to tell her candid and agonizing account of losing her precious baby girl, why she feels her daughter deserves justice, and how she’s keeping Remi’s memory alive.


This is the shocking, painful story of Remi Cowan.


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