Suffer the Little Children

Episode 22: AJ Freund: Revisited

July 21, 2020

On April 18, 2019, JoAnn Cunningham and Drew Freund of Crystal Lake, Illinois reported their 5-year-old son, AJ, missing. Days later, police discovered AJ’s bludgeoned body in a shallow grave. JoAnn and Drew were arrested and charged in their son’s murder.


Last week, JoAnn Cunningham, who pleaded guilty in her son’s death, was sentenced to a paltry 35 years in prison despite mountains of evidence that she scapegoated, tortured, berated, and abused little AJ right up till the night he died, when she beat him so viciously with a shower head that the swelling of his brain caused his vital functions to cease. In this episode, you will hear riveting testimony, shocking revelations, and audio presented at the sentencing hearing.


This is the tragic case of AJ Freund, revisited.


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