Suffer the Little Children

Episode 10: Noah Tomlin

April 28, 2020

Last June, Julia Tomlin reported her 2-year-old son, Noah, missing, saying when she awoke around 11:30 in the morning on June 24, he was gone from the family’s mobile home in Hampton, Virginia. Investigators launched a massive search that spanned ten days, caught the attention of the national media, and involved several law enforcement agencies as well as concerned citizens. As the days passed, Julia’s story began to unravel, and she was charged with murder after admitting that Noah was dead, his body disposed of like trash. Days later, Noah’s partial remains were found in the city landfill. What little was found of the tiny boy told a tragic story of long-term neglect and abuse.

The more was learned about Julia’s life, the more obvious it became that she should never have had custody of the three children in her care at the time of Noah’s murder. Despite extensive CPS involvement with the family, a prior prison sentence for child neglect, endless documentation of her drug and alcohol abuse, and several other red flags, Julia was indeed granted custody of the three youngest of her ten children, only for one of them to end up dead.

This is the gut-wrenching story of Noah Tomlin.

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