Suffer the Little Children

Introducing: True Consequences - 10 Days of Jacob

April 5, 2021

To all my listeners, I implore you to take a moment to help my friend Eric Carter-Landin, host of the True Consequences podcast, whose message is below:

"Friends, I need your help over the next 10 days. 4/10 will be the 34th anniversary of my baby brother's murder and his killer is still free. My mom and I have been fighting for 34 years nonstop. Can you help me by doing the following:

"Today is the day and I need your help! Please share, email, call and sign the petition.

"1. Petition:

"2. Call Clint Wellborn and ask that he reopen Jacob's case 575-835-0052

"3. Email Clint at

"4. Post on social media using the #IMadeTheDifference

"Will you help me and make the difference in Jacob's case today?"

Template email:

The Honorable Clint Wellborn
District Attorney, Socorro County
Mr. District Attorney:
I am writing to request that you re-examine the murder of Jacob Jeremiah Landin that took place on April 10, 1987. I believe that justice can be brought to Jacob's family if the case was reopened due to the evidence presented in the case file, such as the confession of the suspect and the history of abuse at the hands of said suspect.

I implore you to seriously consider prosecuting the suspect and to bring closure to Jacob's family who have fought for years on Jacob's behalf.


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